Come along, Jackson, Panem awaits...

Akoni (My online name). A few things I blog about in no certain order. Percy Jackson. Doctor Who. Disney. Hunger Games. Avengers. Sherlock. Lord of the Rings/ Hobbit. Spiderman. The Maze Runner. The Mortal Instruments. Vlogbrothers/ John Green. OUaT. Teen Wolf. Kingdom Keepers. Supernatural. House of Anubis. Merlin. Youtubers. Movies. Les Miserables. Under the Dome. Agents of Shield. Divergent. If you ever need to talk, my ask box is always open!:)

To anyone who is still upset over the casting of Augustus Waters: We already knew before that no one can be the perfect Augustus; so please do me a favor and don’t hate the actor for not being your ‘Augustus’.I’m sure he will try his best! He might not be your ‘Augustus’ but he still has feelings. Thank you!!:)

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