"The director kept bags of candy by his chair. One day, Jen, Josh and I ate too much of it, started crashing and didn’t want to go back to work! So we climbed to the top of the Coruncopia and hid. Everyone was looking for us!"


So lately a lot of people are getting angry because Augustus is portrayed as “pretentious” in the movie. It makes me angry that people keep saying that, but that’s actually how Augustus is. Isaac even calls him that at his funeral, as shown above. It’s a character flaw.

in a cold night
there will be no fair fight
there will be no good night
to turn and walk away

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They say Gus is too pretentious in it. They seem to forget that’s his character’s flaw. That was on purpose. They need to stop

Congrats on the coloring

Why thank you, it was a Christmas tree!!

based on Shira's headcanon

"Stiles asks Allison to train him and soon after she starts training him, she falls in love with him. After he kills his first serial killer, they get so excited that she can’t help but kiss him and he doesn’t pull back and they turn into this badass hunter couple. She’s so proud of him and he wants to make her proud as well."

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1.have y0u ever done extreme sports?

hmm…once when I was little, I did trapeze for a day? And I do a combination of gymnastics, parkour/free-running, fitness, and zumba 3-4 days a week!!

2. How many easter eggs do you have?

I’m not sure…hmmm

3. Top three male characters?

In no particular order:

at the moment: Aiden (teen wolf), Oliver Queen (arrow), Diggle (arrow) 

in general: eleventh doctor, stiles stilinski, percy jackson 

4. Top three female characters?

In no particular order:

in general: Lydia Martin (aka Queen-teen wolf), Annabeth Chase (pjo/hoo), Hazel Grace (tfios)

5. Do you want any tattoos?


6. Favourite band? (have you seen them live?)

I don’t really have a favorite band, the closest would be 5sos and no, I haven’t

7. otps?


Let me just name a few: sciles, stydia, everlark, fourtris, thomas/minho, hazel/augustus, merthur, eleven/clara, the ponds, percabeth, swanfire, scallison and the list goes on

8. what are you usual pizza toppings?

cheese, pepperoni occasionally

9. who is your favourite avenger?

CAPTAIN AMERICA *soars away on an eagle made of freedom*

10. have you got a bucket list?

Yep, and the only thing on it is to go to all the Disney Parks in the world

11. have you ever won a contest for anything?


1st place in a coloring contest at my doctor’s office!!


My Questions

1. How is your day going? :)

2. Favorite gif?

3. Food or no food?

4. Do you often mismatch your socks?

5. How long is the longest you’ve ever internet’d (longest time in a session on the internet)?

6. It’s cold where I am…is it cold where you are?

7. I listened to someone sing Let it Go in all Latin today in my Latin Class…do you like Disney music?

8. But is it a metaphor?

9. America, or not America?

10. If you could swim with any sea animal which would it be?

11. Would you rather be in a light room (like all glass windows with warm sunlight) or dark room (comforting silence and easy sleeping quarters)?



Murray & Maggie & Tifffany & anyone really 

queenofthedauntless replied to your post: tumblr did not make “it’s a metaphor” …

They did and they’re hating on the movie



- Transparent Princesses match your blog background! -

if you find that they look cool on your blog you should send me screencaps so I can see too